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District Planning Offices

Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI)
Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) Attapeu Province

 District Planning Offices (DPO)                                                        

The District Planning Office (DPO) is on the district level part of the organisational structure of the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) which is on the provincial level. The DPO is under the supervision of the Department of Planning and Investment concerning administrative tasks, technical advice and human resources and under the District Governor concerning political decisions and issues of general living conditions.
The DPO has the role of a secretariat of the Department of Planning and Investment and the District Governor. The main functions of the office are to: research, compile and implement information and activities of social-economic development; collect and compile data; monitoring, inspection and evaluation of programs of public investment, project loans, Official Development Assistance (ODA) and other projects related to the district. Furthermore, the office is responsible for technical issues and village planning.


 Saysettha DPO                                                                                    

  Head of Office                      Mr. Misay SISAVAENGSOUK

  Deputy                                   Mr. Phetmai SETTHAVONESAK             

  Office contact                       +856 36 211 697, Khanmakkong village / Saysettha district


 Samakkhixay DPO                                                                                       

  Head of Office                      Mr. Somsone SONEDALY

  Deputy                                   Mr. Viloun BOUNNAKHAO

  Office contact                       +856 36 211 082, Vatlouang village / Samakkhixay district


 Sanamxay DPO                                                                                   

  Head of Office                      Mr. Khamsen LANGSAVATH      

  Office contact                       +856 36 211 184, Mitsamphan village / Sanamxay district       


 Sanxay DPO                                                                                        

  Head of Office                     Mr. Somvang KEOSIMOUNGKHOUN

  Office contact                       +856 36 211 804, Dakhiad village / Sanxay district


 Phouvong DPO                                                                                    

  Head of Office                      Ms. Sivisay KOUNTHISAK

  Deputy                                   Mr. Phasith SISAVENGSOUK

  Office contact                        +856 36 212 008, Vongsamphan village / Phouvong district        



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